Elgar Pratishthan is a voluntary social organisation since 1999 working in Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts of Maharashtra. It is duly registered under the Public Trust Act and Charitable Societies Act. The organisation is committed to building an equitable and humane society based on the Constitutional values enshrined in the Indian Constitution. It aims at developing the leadership of rural people especially women and youth through trainings and educational and livelihood programmes.

The Board of Directors of the organisation draws from the well-educated and socially committed individuals who are respected professionals in their own fields. At present the chairperson is Dr. Jayashree Kapse-Gawande, who is a lecturer in SRM College of Social Work, Chandrapur since past twenty five years and the secretary is Dr. Kalyan Kumar who holds Ph.D from JNU and is a practising lawyer in Chandrapur and Nagpur courts. The board has recently invited Adv. Farhat Baig to join after giving due recognition to his work for the poorer communities in Chandrapur district’s urban areas and especially amongst the Muslim community. He was at the forefront in educating the public at large and also the Muslim community about the provisions of the NRC and CAA. He is also involved along with Dr. Kalyan Kumar in building a Constitutional Club for youths in Chandrapur which aims at inculcating the core values of the Constitution of India.

Elgar Pratishthan is presently involved in running Bal Sanskar Vargs in 16 villages, in which the youths of the villages are trained to provide remedial classes to the children in the same village. This is a huge value addition for the children many of whom are children of first generation learners. The organisation provides learning materials, sports materials, children’s camps and educational trips for the rural children.

The organisation is also working in the areas of housing rights, forest rights of various communities, water rights of Kolam tribes in the Jeevti block of Chandrapur district. One yet another institutional intervention that Elgar Pratishthan has started is with the silk farmers of Chandrapur districts and in the next few months intends to organise them around a Sericulture Cooperative.     

 The organisation has regularly provided legal aid to the poorer sections of society including women, tribals and small and marginal farmers. For instance the organisation has helped in the restoration of agricultural land to more than 500 tribal farmers whose land was grabbed by outsiders. This work was done systematically with the help of administration and courts of law.

Most recently the organisation is working towards providing legal aid to the Muslim community especially the poorer sections of the community in the light of the proposed NRC process. As the government goes ahead with formulation of the National Register of Citizens we foresee that all poor and marginalised people including the Muslim community may face problems in understanding the type of document which are required, how to procure them and also how to understand the system by which citizenship be required to be presented and proved. We also foresee that some cases may eventually go to the various courts of law. The objective of our work is to ensure that all Indians should be assisted to prove their citizenship under the law and no one should face hardships because they don’t know the law, don’t understand the administration system or are too poor and marginalised to access legal help.